Friday, August 12, 2011

Official Line

I've finally begun artwork that I intend to put up in art galleries. My main line of actual physical artwork will mostly be steampunk and will mostly be black ink on white canvas. I plan on starting with a series of raygun silhouettes and a line of actual steampunk rayguns. I can also do commission artwork for a higher price. The steampunk rayguns will start at $100 and rise depending on size of canvas. Remember, this is a line and each one will be a unique original so the price is quite low. I also plan on beginning my steampunk-western comic book, which I intend to sell for $25 each for regular, $50 for autographed alternate cover, and somewhere around $500 for the original. I will be sure to post any updates on paintings, comic books, rayguns, etc. here first before taking it to the art gallery, so if you would like to buy it directly from me it will be alot cheaper than in the gallery (as they take a 50% cut).