Saturday, July 16, 2011

Madrina Bloodmoon

This was a really quick sketch I was doing as a warm up practice. When the internet died, I just fiddled with it a little more and decided it was good as a concept piece for my upcoming comic book, The Legacy of Kryos.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Level Up!

I plan on, hopefully in the near future, creating a series of youtube videos on costuming, specifically medieval fantasy costuming. What it will consist of is me playing rpgs or mmos and looking at the gear determined by level. What I will do is have a series of three costume pieces going at once; light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor. The piece will be rated by the level it is in the game and the goal of the project will be to "Level Up" your overall costume to the most elaborate and highly decorated costume you can think of.

Now, keep in mind this will be a very expensive project for me so it will take a great deal of time before the series is completely finished, I will most likely go from light to heavy armor,
and I will try to incorporate some friends and family into this project as well. . Games I will use will have to meet certain criteria, such as realistic costumes that are functional in LARP as well as cosplay, the graphics will need to be good enough to make out minor detail, and costumes that somehow cling to the body without falling off (i.e. almost every female costume in fantasy mmos) will not be acceptable.

I will be using Age of Conan most likely, as it has some of the most realistic and awesome pieces I've seen thus far. I may also involve bits and pieces from other games, such as The Witcher and Neverwinter Nights.

Look forward to Episode 1 of Level Up! coming to youtube sometime around Q4!


So last night was very hectic, I probably shouldn't have even been drawing this. My fiance was drawing and wanted help, so I helped her out, and I was just very distracted by basically everything; the tv, the music, my fiance, the live feed, etc. In the end I felt frazzled.

But, I stuck with it even though NO ONE except my fiance watched the live feed. That's ok though, I'll be sure to give more notice before I do another one.

Youtube video soon to come.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Live Feed

Live video for mobile from Ustream


I will now be doing LIVE FEEDS OF MY ART! They will be linked to my blog and yes, I will warn you ahead of time. I plan on doing one tonight and I will give a heads up before hand. I may do one tomorrow as well. I will be using Ustream, which does have a chat function, so I will be able to chat with you while I draw!

I'm Still Here

I will be drawing today. I will also try to upload Lesson 3, but for some reason every time I go into the folder to even click on the file my computer completely freezes and gives me a blue screen. Same with the costume video. I may have to just completely redo them :(

On another note, I've been really really busy, especially now that I have a new job. We've been trying to move a friend of mine up here, looking at houses, I'm still building an arcade, and of course taking care of other business like bills and the dog. So, I just wanted everyone to know I'm still here. And to bleed over to my "Not So Critical Gamer" blog, I feel like a sim who's doing really well at work, it's just not the career he wanted.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Contest Winner Mark Lemay

Mark Lemay's picture is finally done. It's not as good as I would have liked it, but it's up none the less. I may go back and tweak it a little, but this is the finished and final product for now. He requested his Dungeons & Dragons character, Ruo, from the Legacy of Kryos campaign I ran a while back. Ruo is the son of Drakk Fireborn, Mark's original character. I wanted to give Ruo a sense of peace with a hint of longing, so I decided to draw him looking deep into the mountains at sunset. It is rumored his father, Drakk, has taken up residence in the mountains and became somewhat of a hermit since Ruo's mother was killed. Ruo is also an assassin, raised and trained by his uncle, Bael.


Teaser image from my next youtube lesson.