Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After a failed attempt and a ruined canvas I present to you, Ink'd!

My fiance didn't much like the squid, but for some reason I really liked the doodle so I made a stencil of it.

How I did this one;
- Lay down cut out stencil of the squid on white canvas and paint whole thing blue (stencil will leave the squid white, but his eyes will be blue.)
- Lay down inverted "ink" stencil. I call it inverted because it is a hole in a larger piece of paper rather than a 'cut out' of the image. Spray it black, and remember to leave the squid down on the white, do not remove it.
- remove the 'ink' stencil and splotch a few drips on there for good measure.
- When I removed the squid it had a sort of vanilla color, while i wanted straight up white, so I laid down the negative of the squid and sprayed it white, then put the positive down on top of the negative just for the eyes. This also gave the tentacles a sort of shadow line which I liked.
- Touch up the edges, autograph, and you're done!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spray Paint

I think I may have found my calling. I love working with spray paint and I plan on continuing in the future. For now though? I'm tired so I'm just going to kind of explain what I did. So first of all something is wrong with my scanner. It's scanning choppy and sometimes giving a sort of purple line like you see in "Tentacles".

For "Tentacles" I simply spray painted the entire canvas black, then used cardstock and cut out the actual tentacles. Then I simply (lightly) glued them to the canvas and stuck a leaf to the sprayer on some blue paint to give the "bubbles" and splats you see. Then after that I did a light graze with the blue and removed the stencil. Done.

"Why, God, why?!" was a bit more tricky. After completely ruining one canvas with gloss paint I got some matte and redid it. So the best way to describe this is to think of it as 'layers'. First I painted the blue, then I painted the white body of the bunny, following with the outline. Then i put down the carrot  stencil and painting the body orange, then the outline, and same with the leaf at the end, only green obviously. "Why, God, Why?!" took about an hour while the tentacles only took about 10 minutes. Both of these were really fun to do, and I plan on doing more.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lilly Bryant

Lilly is an alcoholic, a thief, and a compulsive gambler. She grew up on earth with a drunken father and 6 older brothers, all of which died of either violence or foolishness. She became a stowaway to make it to Mars and is now a swindler and a bounty-thief, always waiting for someone to successfully capture a bounty alive (or dead) then either kill or incapacitate the bounty hunter and steal their claim. Lilly was once captured by a bounty hunter she stole from and left to die in the Martian badlands. She watched the martian camp and over time learned how the shaman used his tribal magic. Lilly is one of the very few humans alive who knows how to use Martian magic.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have Returned!

So I've been quiet for a while, I know, I apologize. The reasons include moving into a new apartment, kidney stones, lack of interest, attempting to find a job, etc. etc. but I won't bore you with details. I'm here to say I have started working on art that I intend to sell. First up is a Munny!

He doesn't have a name yet, but when he does I'll write him a little background story with illustrations and such and add that for free to go with him.

Monday, November 21, 2011

In the show My Little Pony, Spike, a baby dragon, is treated like an assistant. In my world, dragons are tamed as slaves while they are young, and as they age they are slaughtered before they can grow strong enough to fight back.