Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After a failed attempt and a ruined canvas I present to you, Ink'd!

My fiance didn't much like the squid, but for some reason I really liked the doodle so I made a stencil of it.

How I did this one;
- Lay down cut out stencil of the squid on white canvas and paint whole thing blue (stencil will leave the squid white, but his eyes will be blue.)
- Lay down inverted "ink" stencil. I call it inverted because it is a hole in a larger piece of paper rather than a 'cut out' of the image. Spray it black, and remember to leave the squid down on the white, do not remove it.
- remove the 'ink' stencil and splotch a few drips on there for good measure.
- When I removed the squid it had a sort of vanilla color, while i wanted straight up white, so I laid down the negative of the squid and sprayed it white, then put the positive down on top of the negative just for the eyes. This also gave the tentacles a sort of shadow line which I liked.
- Touch up the edges, autograph, and you're done!

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